Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stay Outta My Room!

An older series I did, more on the way; I've got a nearly completed series coming. Hoping for more inspiration, though I'm happy with the little that's come back to me recently and inspired me to make this new site.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Job: Marriage Counsellor

A new entry: This time kids, I've got a new job as a marriage counsellor. Movin' up in the world, right?

The Christmas Hat

A lovely Christmas time series I did a year back on my old site. Sorry about all this old material, I've just been dusting off my old shelves before I fill them up with new entries. Hope everyone doesn't mind.

The Masks

Here's a little series of mine. I like this slideshow method for the caption series, I find it makes it easier to read it faster without interruption, full screen mode helps too. Hope you all enjoy!

So, Like, Ya Know?

After deciding to make this new page and make serious renovations to my old collections, I was wondering what people want to see on this page. I tend to do cap requests so feel free to use the email and let me know what you think of the site and stuff like that. Life is pretty boring after Christmas, hope everyone's went well! Lots of goodies from Santa.

Older Posts

I'll be putting a good number of older posts on here, new ones will be coming along later. Most of these are taken from an old site I used to contribute to.


Early Morning Ghost

Site Open

Hi, this will be the future site of where I will be posting all my created TG goodness, like captions, animations and stories, ect. Link if you'd like, email if you enjoy, message if you want. I will also be posting captions from older sites and stuff I have done elsewhere.
Lots of love.

Erica J. Eden